Purchasing a dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Before you set out to select your Rottweiler, evaluate how owning a dog, in particular a Rottweiler, will affect your daily lifestyle.

Here are a few things that must be considered before getting a Rottweiler:

  • Rottweilers need lots of attention, exercise and care over the next ten years or so. Owning a dog is a long term commitment. 
  • It is essential that Rottweilers are well trained and socialised – this takes time and effort.
  • Everyone in the household must accept the dog.
  • Owning a Rottweiler is not cheap.  Aside from the cost of purchasing a puppy, there are basic expenses such as food and veterinary costs.
  • Buying a KUSA registered puppy ensures that you make an informed purchase with regards to the health and temperament of its ancestors.

Owning a Rottweiler is not for everyone. 

Owners must be able to, and be prepared to properly manage and control this intelligent and physically powerful breed. Owners must be willing to provide the lessons, training, activities and love needed to give the breed a balanced and happy life.

The Rottweiler’s breed characteristics should be understood.


A Rottweiler is a large dog and requires a good amount of space in your home and garden as well as your car.  Be prepared for the costs and amount of food a Rottweiler requires.


Rottweilers are a loyal devoted breed.  They are very loving, calm and confident dogs and can be excellent family dogs.  Rottweilers are a highly intelligent, lively and energetic breed.  They can become very boisterous when excited, and can also be very stubborn and strong willed.  A Rottweiler is a very alert, instinctive and territorial dog.  Their characteristics makes them natural protectors, but it also makes them demanding of your time.  Correct training and socialising is absolutely necessary when owning a Rottweiler, as well as mental stimulation and exercise.

 Health and Hygiene: 

Rottweiler’s coarse hair will shed regularly and clings stubbornly to clothing and carpets.  Regular brushing is required.  Rottweilers have a tendency to drool, especially after drinking and eating. 

Hip Dysplasia is one of the biggest problems in Rottweilers today.  It is a malformation of the ball and socket joint of the hip that causes an improper fit of the hip socket and the femur bone.  HD can be controlled by selective breeding and careful rearing.  Please do not buy a puppy unless you see the official Hip Score Documentation of both parents. Click here for more info on HD as well as HD Scoring.